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Snow on Greene Street

47 Responses to “Snow on Greene Street”

  1. sgros4

    Too much snow for this Cajun Momma….where are you that you are still having snow? It’s mid March! I know tell that to Mother Nature huh?

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    • namdlo

      With the snow, everithing turns white.and everithing loses their colours.

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  2. 76sanfermo

    In northern Italy,we’re having plenty of snow these days…..
    Though it covers all the imperfections ,as helensamia says, we’re a little fed up with it!
    We’re waiting for SPRING!
    I like the Greene st. Photo!

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  3. nicolaemily89

    I’m from the UK and my brother has just moved to NYC for a few years so its great to see what its like compared to England! Brilliant picture!

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  4. longqt4821

    It is a very pretty picture. Makes me think of snow on the trees while driving down the northway in upstate NY. That is a very picturesque scene, but it is black and white that you are seeing.

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