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Dvorak keyboard on Android

25 Responses to “Dvorak keyboard on Android”

  1. julien51

    Matt, I’m sure you know about it but there is a small bug in the “rate this” stars. When hovering, the stars are bigger which means they’re truncated. Other than that, which app did you use to get a Dvorak keyboard?

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  2. madssukalikar

    I’ve been thinking about getting a DVORAK. I’ve heard it’s easier and less stressful to type, something that I really need. But I’m afraid I’d regress to my ten-year-old self, typing with only my index fingers, one letter every five seconds because I just can’t find them on the bloody keyboard!

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  3. ittybunny

    It would take me longer to type what I wanted to, since I practiced typing on querty. Odd to see the punctuation marks at the top left, & the “Q” & “Z” way on the bottom, where I wouldn’t have expected it.

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  4. ittybunny

    The device itself looks convenient because it’s small, but the Dvorak keyboard is confusing. Why didn’t they just have it on querty?

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