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Sinking boat

30 Responses to “Sinking boat”

  1. Lee Daze

    Its difficult to look at images without noticing or imaging color scheme. Which is messing me up. I like the buildings reflection upon the water.


  2. Macs and More Den Haag

    Every once in a while they sweep the bottom of Amsterdam’s canals. (gotta love the url!)


  3. wingedprisms

    funny thing – I noticed the pretty painted buildings and then read the title – perspective. Haha Good thing they weren’t yelling to me for help.


  4. Sherri Of Palm Springs

    Wow!!! what a awesome site. so interesting and the things you have up are great..Happy I stopped by, wishing holidays, I if your are a Christmas you and you family have a lovely one..sharing loving and caring..oh and the presents


  5. lovergirl321

    the reflection in the water is just so cool! but the boat sinking i am not really seeing that here anyways love the pic continue sending nice pics like this!lol1 best photographer ever!hahahaha



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