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Bike underwater

35 Responses to “Bike underwater”

  1. ittybunny

    Even though the water is clear, the person whose bike fell in the lake is going to have a difficult time retrieving it out of there, & they’ll probably have to buy a new 1 because of all the rust that got on it.


    • japhethwg

      The bike may not actually rust unless the oxygen content of the water is high enough. Some rivers are low oxygen and rust would be minimal. Of course, it depends how long it has been down there.


  2. wildwear

    made me think seeing the bike in water that about two weeks ago while out paddling we saw about 30 dinner plates at bottom of water and they were all in one piece! A random find.


  3. ladyhisa

    Even though the bike doesn’t look like it rusted. I’m pretty sure the owner of the bike is not very happy to find the bike in the water, especially if the water is cold.


  4. faithhercules

    a bike underwater oh my gosh do u know how long i wanted to see this!OMG!


  5. lovergirl321

    i have seen a lot of pics here but i an’t seeing 1 of u what kind of website is this that the person who made the website isn’t on it! booo! hoooooo! hoooooooooo!



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