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Admin Bar

We’re experimenting with something new, now when you’re logged in across you should see a blue “admin bar” across the top of your blog and others with a few handy links, including “Edit this page” if you’re on your own site. This is only shown to people who are logged in.

I’m curious what people think of this, and what other sort of stuff would you like to see in your admin bar?

18 Responses to “Admin Bar”

  1. miklb

    Obviously I think it’s a great idea ;) … maybe a scrolling ticker of other post titles, via an RSS link….

    I kid, I seriously kid….

    Could the “link this” be incorporated into the admin bar though? It would be nice to have a “ friends” section. Obviously the ‘link this’ works, just thinking out loud.


  2. Derek Punsalan

    I don’t mind the admin bar along the top. It reminds me of Blogger. At least it’s not there for readeres. It does allow quick access to the admin section. I actually just received an invite for today. I was wondering if we were going to be able to remove the admin login link from the sidebar?


  3. Matt

    Two things we’re thinking about adding are “Blogroll this blog” and “Press this” which do what you probably think they do.

    Derek, not sure what will happen to the sidebar link yet. We also need to make login links more prominent.


  4. SkullyFM

    Matt, there’s already a plugin available to use such a bar with some preconfigured actions like Dashboard/Themes/Options/Add Link/Write/Logout.

    You can see a screenshot made on a test blog:

    As you can see I added the Plugins button. It can easily be done.

    It’d be nice if you could perhaps enhance this tool and made it part of WordPress.


  5. Matt

    SkullyFM, I know! That was what miklb pointed me to when he made the original suggestion. I think ours is going in a slightly different direction though.


  6. mdawaffe

    There should be some sort of :hover visual feedback for the “Sign Out” and “My Account” links. Fading underlines to parallel the admin section seems the obvious choice.

    Perhaps also a “New Announcement!” link pointing to a master blog when something important happens (such as a slick new feature…).


  7. Andrew

    Yes, it reminds me of BlogSpot. I don’t like it. It takes a band of screen real estate that I didn’t offer, and it paints it in a color not of my choice. (At least BlogSpot gave me a choice of colors.)


  8. Matt

    Andrew, just to clarify none of your visitors are seeing that bar, it’s not for visitors it’s for you.


  9. daysies

    i noticed this the other day and figured it was only for users. i think it’s nifty! always something new in WP-land. :D


  10. Mikey

    I’m enjoying the convenience of it. Don’t need to scroll down to the admin link. The color and other such effects don’t make a difference since I’m the only one looking at it.


  11. Andrew

    Matt, I see the bar when I am signed in to and am at a blog. So I can see it now, at your blog. I admit that this won’t be a big deal until takes over the world, and I don’t think that’s due to happen until next Tuesday…


  12. Derek Punsalan

    I’m beginning to use the Admin bar more and more. I actually find it a lot more conveniant compared to using the sidebar because we’re able to create posts from anywhere on

    I have two ideas: One is to have pages automatically cited when clicking the ‘New Post’ button. Kind of reminds me of a feature on ergh… Flock? The second is to have an option to have the admin bar scroll down the page for even quicker access.


  13. Lorelle on WordPress » More News from WordPress, and WordPressMU

    […] A new administration bar was added a couple weeks ago which adds a narrow blue bar to your site when you are logged into your site. No matter which site you visit on, as long as you are logged in, the bar is there for you to access your Dashboard, Add a Post, and logout. It also helps you to recognize when you are visiting a community site, since you will see the bar at the top of the page you are visited. This is a nice feature and I hope it improves. I’ll be commenting on a few improvements I’d like to see in an upcoming post about the Administration Panels and Dashboard. […]


  14. nicotinestain

    after a few days’ experiencing of the new admin bar, i felt probably the “my account” link is a little bit redundant? although nobody else rant about it. a “Trackback this” instead would be more useful.
    and maybe i don’t need an admin bar with flock , but i’m fine with it overall.
    hope this would be helpful.


  15. dailygoodness

    Nice one Matt ;-)

    Except when I click on “My Account”, I get the following error:
    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”;
    in fact now that I check, it’s the same with all the links in the Dashboard section:

    Welcome to
    Use these links to get started:
    * Write a post
    * Update your profile or change your password
    * Add a link to your blogroll
    * Change your site’s look or theme

    Know it’s prob. not the right place to put this, but thought you should know anyways.



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