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More Dashboard Experiments

A few more changes to the Dashboard tonight. First we’ve dropped down the number of “top” blogs and highlighted more “up and coming” blogs. This list should change more and be a bit more dynamic.

Second is we’ve re-enabled the “incoming links” section which we had to disable before due to timeouts. However this time it’s pulling from the new Google Blog Search, so it’ll be interesting to see how the results look.

15 Responses to “More Dashboard Experiments”

  1. cipod

    Hi matt,
    i want to know if there is a podcast player that i can integrate in like Dew player (a flash based player for podcasts) ??


  2. miklb

    What determines “fastest growing”? I clicked on a few, one had 2 posts, one had none. Just curious.


  3. Lorelle VanFossen

    So the incoming links is no longer from Technorati?

    And I’d love to see the Scheduled Entries in chronological order to better help users know what’s up next.

    And the “fastest growing” sure had me puzzled, too.

    I like the attempts to make this more useful.


  4. Mikey

    The incoming links feature is a pretty cool tool. It’s nice to know how often (or in my case, how little) one’s blog is being referred to.

    And I agree, the fastest growing seems to be flawed. One site has two comments on the automated “Hello World” post. One of the comments being the automated, “this is a comment” comment. Does the ratio of one new comment to zero new posts figure into the equation of determining the fastest growing site?

    But I do like the idea quite a bit. I just hope it can be sorted out to be a bit more realistic.


  5. Cyndy

    Incoming links is very nice indeed, though it only serves to reinforce how I’m so NOT a top blog. Hehe.

    I think what I like the best is that the latest posts now show who’s posting! And the Dashboard loads a lot faster now, too. That’s spiffery.


  6. jtintle

    For the up and coming blogs, factor in the number of posts, comments, incoming links and total referers, in some sort of gee wiz I’m a geek formula.


  7. Andy

    I can at least answer one question here: At this moment, “Fastest Growing” comes from comparing traffic counts over a 24-hour period. It’s still very experimental. :)


  8. Matt

    I think it should be based on the number of times people gasp or laugh when reading a website.

    Andy, does your code capture that yet? Hurry up!


  9. Myles

    Hello everyone!
    I have a few Newbie questions; how exactly can I obtain a blog from this site? I’ve already entered my E-mail address on the homepage, what do I do now?

    Later, Myles


  10. Matt

    You wait! We send out a few invites to the people who signed up on the home page every day.


  11. Lorelle on WordPress » More News from WordPress, and WordPressMU

    […] Incoming links on the WordPress 1.6 / WordPressMU Administration Dashboard panel used to come from Technorati, but the time delay for culling those incoming links was slow. Matt announced that incoming links to the Dashboard will now be from the brand new Google Blog Search, which should improve things. Ah, by the way, incoming links are links to your site that may or may not show up in your trackbacks. It shows who is linking to your site. […]


  12. Matt

    Wow, people really don’t get it. I just deleted 4 comments. Going to close the comments form now.


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