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Lots of Santas

22 Responses to “Lots of Santas”

  1. mkesling63

    Who is in charge of the Santa gig? Please send more to the Sacramento, California area.


  2. Cinegrafando

    My God, as Santa Claus!
    I must warn personnel here in Brazil that Santa Claus will take a while to arrive, they are meeting in Lote De Santa. A joke (laughs).


  3. Kreativ Entspannen - Entspannung & Klangtherapie- Relaxation & singing bowls

    Did they smile?……The nicolausis? Äh…the santas?


  4. seepurple

    Very cool picture. My baby daughter would be in hog heaven with so many Santas…to bad there’s not a slew of elves with them. *LOL*



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