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My first Smashburger

BBQ, bacon, and cheddar, fried pickles, and sweet potato fries. It was delicious! Will definitely go back.

30 Responses to “My first Smashburger”

  1. shenrydafrankmann

    Smashburger is all about the extras — because the burger itself isn’t all that special (in my humble opinion). Now FIVE GUYS is the burger to beat all burgers!


    • Matt

      I like Five Guys a lot as well, I think I had my first one in Savannah with Otto and I really enjoyed it then and the times I went afterward, but I must admit I felt a little blah afterward because it was so heavy. Smashburger seemed to hit the perfect balance.


      • Steve

        I agree with you that Five Guys is a heavy meal. Smashburger does indeed strike a good balance with their portions. The patty and burger itself reminds me quite a bit of Steak and Shake, a burger I do enjoy, so I guess I should be more positive towards the upgrade Smashburger provides.

        When I go to Five Guys with my family, I often skip the burger and order a large order of fries to split with my family. It’s a cheap way for us to spend some time together over some comfort food.


  2. westseventhfreelance

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm…I was the 100th person to ‘like’…does that come with fries?!!


  3. themistokliskoutras

    i havent tasted this food before but looks yammy i like mostly healty foods drinks water but i have my resnable fat foods or whatever ocassionally sometimes i may do this a lot but don’t tell others its only between me and the world anyway you got to check t up becouse i am not sure but i have a fitness healty certificate anyway the healthy alternative for places like the ones that eat or have a lot would obviously be the healthy diet option but try telling that o the hungry it might mean because they are scinny dieng then a faty died may save there lfe imatter a fact top secrect info the army would say only to there soldiers saying f you ever are in enemy line and have not eaten fo a while the best thing to do is go to the close bye farm kill the fattest pig eat all of it and the best part that would save your life is the fat of it ye true but not for someone that eats all the time and for a fat person but ye for the hungry ye it will save there life unless it is to late so eating these types of food weather healty or not should be consermed as needed ok not as wonting but ye we all brake the rules some time ye yammy



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