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Testing Sony RX100

So far I like it, seems like good performance in a small package, and a great lens for a handlheld. I wish the video supported 24 fps, that it had a touchscreen, and that it had GPS.

26 Responses to “Testing Sony RX100”

  1. Frank J. Casella

    Wonderful self-portrait. Love the reflection. Simple moments make lasting impressions.


  2. mkesling63

    Those are the most words I have seen on any of your posts. Why sit on computer geekness? Travel and take pictures of more then food. Either you are lying about your weight or you need to see more natural wonders ion the world.


  3. yooooadrienne

    Anything else you’d like to share about the camera? I actually have been tempted to purchase it lately but would like an opinion. Thanks and great post!


  4. Elvira

    I used this camera during my trip to Nordkapp by motorbike… It works great, even on the road with 200 KM/H ;) Nice blog!


  5. deanhiaz

    I know (I think) what you mean about having GPS. I always need GPS, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing (which, these days, isn’t much: well, I’m 70, you see). Your photographs are amazing, from high elevations to haute cuisine.



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