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Key lime pie in Key West

43 Responses to “Key lime pie in Key West”

  1. segmation

    The problem I had with getting Real Florida Key Lime Pie in Key West was there were so many bakeries to pick from! Don’t you agree? Did you take the Couch Tour when in Key West?


  2. jennnadams

    Ok, now I’m jealous!! I used to live in Key West when I was a child and ate this all the time! Oh how I miss real Florida Key Lime Pie!!


  3. anna1287

    I once squeezed at least 40 limes to make key lime pie. When it cooled, I walked the pie over to my hubby a few feet away and dropped it. The whole thing was ruined and I haven’t made it since. Looks delish!


  4. ittybunny

    Even store-bought, key lime pie tastes wonderful as far as I’m concerned if the supermarket has a bakery where they prepare all their products there, but this looks just scrumptious!


  5. ittybunny

    I just noticed the (?blueberries) off to the side of the pie, & just now, I noticed a fresh strawberry hidden mostly by the sprig of mint. Looks very refreshing-this dessert’s probably homemade, I would assume. Looks also very nutritious with the fresh fruit & mint! Looks sooo delicious!



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