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Sleeping six-toed cat at Hemingway House

50 Responses to “Sleeping six-toed cat at Hemingway House”

  1. Chyina

    This cutie looks a lot like my mother’s cat Rowdy. They even sleep the say way, although Rowdy isn’t lucky enough to have six toes.


  2. pamelasuebond

    I am hopefully going to get Matt’s picture to my facebook, because I think Hemingway regarded the 6 toed cats as a metaphor for his own health problems and his personality. His house in the Florida Keys is reveals much about the lone soldier.


  3. Kat King

    Shared it on FB. Your photos provide a mini mind vacation I get to take back to FL. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I love Able. Hope you make it available for download soon.


  4. corneliatrent

    I’ve just been visiting your blog for the first time. Like your photos very much. This one of a cat (six toes!) i’ve just reposted onto my FB timeline — love cats a lot!



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