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The room where the web was invented cc: @timberners_lee

Tim Berners-Lee was originally in the office on the right (with the below sign on it) and then moved to the one on the left with the world’s first web server, at CERN in Switzerland / France (technically on the French side).

There’s no marking or anything on the doors, and they’re just used as normal offices by CERN. The people inside looked confused we were so excited to be there and taking pictures. :)

31 Responses to “The room where the web was invented cc: @timberners_lee”

  1. victory2glory

    Yes, interestingly enough, CERN is all of that as you say. I discovered this when I was blogging about Quantum Physics, Astrophysics and Technology. They apparently are integrated into many fields of science


  2. Azeem

    can somebody tell me in little more detail what is this page about which i just liked. :)


  3. Valentina

    Amazing place,! I can imagine Tim B. L. working on it, with the idea of making a solution for his work, without knowing he was going to change the world. Thanks for sharing!( btw, whats the name of the collage plugin?)



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