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Chirashi Bowl cc: @karaswisher

72 Responses to “Chirashi Bowl cc: @karaswisher”

  1. KOKAY

    My fave japanese dish! But what I love most about it is the sweet rice! It just blew my mind! >_<


  2. dlori27

    While this dish looks DEE-LISH, the colors are amazing, exactly what food does this dish contain? I think I see some caviar, some sort of sesame sauce, maybe radishes, a carrot ? Besides the beautiful coloring, I love the placement of the food in the dish. It’s not just food, it’s art!


  3. talkingallthatjazz

    i am still rather new to blogging and wordpress. Please bear with me. Wow, i am glad i found your site. this looks fabulous and so delicious:) I voted, I would have given you a 10 if they scored that high!!! As always, jazz



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