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Chinese Roof

40 Responses to “Chinese Roof”

  1. ittybunny

    Looks like very intricate tiles-must’ve taken a long time to design it! Really gorgeous! Was this seen in China, or at a museum or someplace like that in the U.S.?


  2. ittybunny

    The center area looks like a coin of some kind, & maybe some politician’s profile on it. Very interesting! Perhaps more than one person designed it?


  3. JanBeek

    Your photography is stunning. Your eye for art is a gift. Thank you for sharing it. I look forward to exploring more of what you’ve posted and seeing what you share in the future. :)


  4. logansrun2005

    Ceiling my boy, ceiling… not hating, just taking the opportunity to politely correct someone who is obviously RUINING THE ENTIRE INTERNET with incorrect terminology!… like that wordpress thing you were trying to sell us on that one time, member?



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