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With @kanyewest, great guy to meet

62 Responses to “With @kanyewest, great guy to meet”

  1. FLYNN

    Pause! Had to do more than a “double-take” to be sure that photo was both Matt and Kanye posing together! Thanks for sharing!


  2. ittybunny

    Hip-hoppers don’t smile that often, (at least where there’s paparazzi or anyone like that around) so getting a pic of him smiling is really unusual!


  3. LouLou

    A background I know well. Two great smiles~
    Bring back the smile- well the kool icicle pose is soooo boringly bored look is so offensive. Strike that pose when your


  4. gmsmithesson

    You have some really amazing pics on your blog, also I think it must of been pretty cool to meet an established recording artist like Kanye West_ awesome…


  5. khadimbuttar

    With a smile, two very nice person …………
      Are adding to the beauty of the colors.
    The bond of friendship is to increase their power, the world is rapidly losing the relationship.



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