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K. Marx & A. Smith

37 Responses to “K. Marx & A. Smith”

    • Andron Ocean

      Sure, there is graffiti everywhere. What is not everywhere is a stylized painting of Adam Smith and Karl Marx emerging out of a storm of graffiti in a back alley. Kudos to Matt for posting it.


      • Eli Heiss

        Exactly! Graffiti is some of my favorite art. They put the same amount of time and effort to convey a message, a statement, a thought, or just something beautiful to the eye, and it’s just as engaging and exciting and beneficial, but they give it away for free. Remind you of something? Open Source is a way of life. :)


      • Andron Ocean

        I never even thought of making that connection before. But you’re right: there is a common ground between the two.

        All the more reason to separate, in our cultural perception and our legal tolerance, graffiti artists from the taggers who simply deface things with a scrawl of spray-paint.


  1. ittybunny

    Are the paintings of the faces the art of the 2 men mentioned in the title? I never heard of either of these artists. (I’ve only heard of the Karl Marx who started communism).


  2. Homies

    Disturbing. Such destruction and then see all the way to the bottom. I know “Jesus saves”, I’m product of His love. Just seems a bit unfair knowing people are suffering and hungry.


  3. beezernoid

    Art it may be, Karl Marx not the first face I’d like to see on any building however. Well at least I’m sure it was painted there with the owners full consent :)



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