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43 Responses to “BNY NYC”

  1. Matt

    BNY = Barney’s. NYC = New York City. SCC = Shawn Carter Collection. It’s a collaboration going on at Barney’s in New York right now, and this is one of the window displays.

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  2. ittybunny

    This is so unique & creative, instead of mannequins displaying clothes in a department store which is so commonplace! Different type of display-very different! What type of merchandise does it sell?

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  3. ittybunny

    The “underside” of the castle looks like it was made with paper airplanes. Beautiful, unique, clever, creative & original idea for a window display.

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  4. ittybunny

    Lots of people must visit this store because of the decoration catching the passerbys’ eye. Perhaps they had never even visited the store in the past.

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  5. ittybunny

    I studied this again, & it reminds me of the silhouette of the skyscrapers in NYC. Perhaps that’s why it was designed the way it was.

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