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Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

53 Responses to “Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen”

  1. Critical Distance

    Tivoli is magic whatever time of year. The magic is in the lighting – and it is great that it is so central in Copenhagen. That’s always the problem with the theme parks in the Netherlands. Takes forever to get there. This photo was also a surprize. Watched an excellent chat with Matt at the LeanStartup conference about 24 hours ago. And today this photo pops up.


  2. ittybunny

    As evidenced from the tree in the pic, it looks like wintertime there as well as in the US. The building’s humongous! I like the round light as well-(at least I think it’s a light).


  3. Katrina Snyder

    I performed in Tivoli Gardens when I was a dancer, I have so many fond memories there and in Denmark in general. Copenhagen is an AMAZING city!


  4. ittybunny

    Must be cold over there just as it is where at the region of the US where I live-(North-Central section). (I spotted the bare trees). (I think this is even farther north than the Emerald Isle).


  5. ittybunny

    Is Copenhagen the capital? The entire scene is so beautiful! (Even the adjective “beautiful” doesn’t seem to fully describe how exquisite the gardens/all the environs are)! Must be very expensive to maintain. I’d like to visit there someday.



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