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Someone is thinking of you

47 Responses to “Someone is thinking of you”

  1. Hinkypinkiii

    So true… you know, right now, the person who is thinking of me, is my Dad. I’m away, visiting my Gran and he’s back at home. :D How sweet. *Sigh*


  2. lovergirl321

    i wish someone was thinking of me but there is someone who is thinking of me i know that he will love and protect me! and that man is GOD! but i need someone who will never ever go away from me a human! hahaha! lol! i am just so depressed!


  3. rcasten

    Reblogged this on Positive Possibilities and commented:
    I definitely believe someone
    is thinking of someone,
    and someone is thinking
    of you and of me, and we
    are all together thinking
    of somebody.

    The possibilities of
    someone thinking of
    you is endless.

    I always think of you,
    and I just hope you
    are also think of me.

    I just feel good thinking
    of you…



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