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WordPress duct tape wallet

97 Responses to “WordPress duct tape wallet”

  1. ittybunny

    How is it made, since it’s so sticky obviously? Very interesting! I guess it’s not too expensive, which is an advantage.


  2. ittybunny

    Are you a coward, lovergirl321, lol? Why don’t you get a life & maybe you won’t be wasting your teeny, tiny, itty bitty brain ridiculing people you don’t know on the Internet, lol! Why don’t you grow up, Loser lovergirl321, lol!!!! Everyone I think this person is a Loser With a Capital “L”, lol!!!!


    • lovergirl321

      look chill okay u don’t know me so can u just stay so okay i was just joking so that u can talk to me and i am not afraid to say it!


  3. ittybunny

    I suspect you’re not Steady in the Head, lovergirl321, lol!!!! You wouldn’t be ridiculing anyone on here if you could see any of us face-to-face, so everyone here Knows You’re a Coward; You Just Gave Yourself Away, You Lowlife!!!!


  4. orangejuice1123

    Heh… I love making things out of duct tape. I’m even planning on making a pair of duct tape boots someday. Keep revealing the beautiful and awesome bits of the world!



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