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With @itsaproblem and @donaldglover

21 Responses to “With @itsaproblem and @donaldglover”

  1. claudytheartist

    Very nice and friendly! You have a sincere smile and I can see in your eyes a kind and gentle man! I like the red heart pinned on your jacket. Nice touch!


  2. NailsToGo

    Matt, I’m still learning how to blog and trying to find the time. Started my blog before my back surgery. Don’t get back surgery, it is a failure and I’m now disabled and unable to do what I love most. Nails. Acrylic nails with awesome nail art. You ask for it, I would put it on your nails. BTW, your little picture with the long hair looks hot!


  3. piahcoaching

    Nice shot. In fits to my blog. Will definitely recommend my friends to use WordPress.Reblog.


  4. DJ Johnny Medley

    No press release for this major announcement? WordPress is a tour promoter? All the venues are already sold-out!

    Chicago has been sold-out for weeks. Gotta love it. It’s funny that we found out about this purely through osmosis / random actions.

    We’ll have to blend in through the back door…

    This is awesome and very, very DEEP news.

    Congrats on this huge move; you’re taking some giant steps!



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