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Sunset from Pender Island

123 Responses to “Sunset from Pender Island”

  1. lefraise2002

    This belongs on one of those “rub it in your face” post cards that reads: Wish You Were Here!!” Beautiful!

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  2. y. prior

    so nice – and I like the different aspects going on in the water – there is the orang-ish umber patch to the forefront – the darker horizontal section – which is darker and rich – and then the vertical shadow to the left – but still center-ish – followed by all that placid water bringing us to the back (skyline) – it is such a quiet and calm feel – yet so much interest with that water – and the natural frame of trees.


  3. GE.K

    You are truely blessed, travelling such places.

    … just something … hmmm … strange /or/ divine … don’t know … decide yourself …

    When lookin’ at the picture I see a massive similarity to the WordPress Dashboard with it’s standard color scheme (look at: The black on the left side, the blue, lighter blue and grey and then that orange in the sky.

    What a perfect divine leela :).


  4. bharatispen

    Reblogged this on Bharati's Pen and commented:
    Whether sunset or sunrise
    In the day or night,
    Ensconced in greens and colours varied,
    My heart ripples at the touch of sweet breeze
    And reflects the softness of love delight.


  5. Earth Angel

    You have an eye for beauty…Maui would be an Eye candy store for you…seeing your heart in your photos…Heart to Heart Robyn


  6. hebersihombingsh

    it is so beautiful and feel peace. more beautiful sunset also can find in Bali, Lake Toba, Belitong and many place in Indonesia


    • ittybunny

      The clouds, trees interlaced with the sky & the water are breathtaking! Lovely picture! (Looks almost like it might rain).



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