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25 Responses to “Signs”

    • Elaine Ossipov

      Ha! I knew it had to be that song, but I have never ever seen some of those signs before, I see t-shirts coming up in some of those. Great Add Patty! :)


  1. Elaine Ossipov

    Wow, a person could have a hay day taking photos in that sign grave-yard. Is that the largest? xcept for Vegas of course.. It would be cool to check out the different times of day for lighting and what it made the shadows look like. I know, I’m weird.


  2. y. prior

    now I just wonder who owns these signs…. is it at a home or a work space – but whew – that’s a lot of them…. and are they stolen – and don’t most belong to the DOT? just kidding… but also just noticed the old red light to the right – what an interesting photo.


  3. Saioa

    Reblogged this on Cultureta de pacotilla and commented:
    Y me recuerda a Portobello Market, London. Y todos sus puestos, sus señales, sus puestecitos. Y al final, a la derecha, su espacio abierto lleno de graffitis donde la gente se sienta a tomar algo de una caravana destartalada mientras tocan la guitarra. Eso es vida. London rules.



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