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– at Park Hyatt Sydney

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  1. ittybunny

    Beautiful building, ocean, sky & ship. The building’s architecture reminds me of seashells. This photo must have been taken on a clear day.

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    • LordBeariOfBow

      That would be about 300 days out of 365 here in Sydney. The inspiration for the design by Jorn Utzon was the sails of the boats on Sydney Harbour. The Opera house is always an inspiring sight as one passes it on the way into Circular Quay on any of the marvellous Sydney Harbour ferries. A pleasure I have had on many occasions.

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    • prior

      I could be wrong – but I think if you do not put a title in your post – it gets assigned a number when you publish – not sure if that is what happened here – oh – wait – that may the miles it is from Sydney to San Fran – hmmm
      but maybe Matt will tell us


      • LordBeariOfBow

        It’s actually the waters of Sydney Harbour not the ocean ittybunny, the harbour is usually pretty calm being sheltered by what is called North Head and South Head, The entrance is that narrow that Capt Cook actually sailed right past it on his voyage of discovery aboard te HMB Endeavour. The entrance was discovered by Capt Artur Phillip commander of the First Fleet (of convicts to Australia)in 1788.

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  2. prior

    the opera house and the yacht have anise informal balance in the light like that – nice capture for a 7060 post…. ha!



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