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Dubai Video 1

A stop-motion video collab from Dubai.

At Lobby Conference

I’m at the Lobby Conference in Hawaii and it’s been great so far, I’ve particularly enjoyed meeting folks here. As I’m relatively new to the tech community most everyone here is new to me. The downside is the internet, which is atrocious. I get 1 second+ ping times to most sites. I’m writing this post via our mobile interface ( because normal sites are so slow.

Videos from Upgrade Party

I took two videos at the 2.3 upgrade party at my apartment.

Here’s the second one, with the office crew:

Interview with Glenda

Glenda got me a new camera, an Xacti CG6, so it seemed appropriate that the first video I make was with her.

Good Life

Kanye West’s new “Gradation” is a great album, but the videos coming out have been particularly good. Here’s the Good Life video which I think is pretty unique for a hip-hop video:

Reminds me of Gnarls Barkley. And here’s Stronger with its Akira theme:

Web and Email Woes

As you may have noticed, has been down along with, which means that I can’t blog and I’m not getting any email. It’s very rough! There seems to be a hardware problem with the server, so hopefully the people at the DC can get it sorted soon enough and I can get back to falling behind on my email.

In the meantime, if you send me a message it may be a bit before I get it.


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